SHIPPING & Terms of Service
Any Questions Call toll free (888) 560-5006
Do not Assume anything!
Hours for Phone Calls  8 am to 5 pm PST M-F
We ship banners M-F except Holidays
Standard Ground Shipping $15 Over size banners extra
3 Day Shipping $30---- 3 business days After Completed. (app 12 hrs)
2 Day Shipping $40---- 2 business days After Completed. (app 12 hrs)
To most locations, on stardard sizes over size extra shipping charge
Orders over 4 banners Quoted Bulk Rates.
*Banner builder uses the online proof in the last window you see.. if
you need to get approved, keep the number you get in next window..go
to checkout and see number. Then the banner is on server, when
approved call us with the number we will print and ship
PRICES ARE COMPLETE BANNERS, Custom Banners include hem and grommets.
Welcome Home Banners include Reinforced Grommets for Hanging
If our custom welcome home banner can be beat on Price show us.
But check for Color Logos, 13 oz vinyl, same day shipping weekdays, then we will match or beat the price. And remember You created the banner, not a stock banner.

Heavy Ink Coverage & Over size Banners
Volume discount banners subject to review for ink, Heavy ink will be subject
to a surcharge, prices on main page is lowest price for lite ink.
(+50" x 8') require additional shipping cost from you. IE 72 x 96
banner shipping extra is $20 approx) Only 48 contiguous States
for Special shipping prices. The amount will be added to Your credit card.

extra shipping outside of 48 contiguous States

We print and ship, after that all UPS or other shipping firms terms and conditions apply for lost or delayed packages.

If you need for a deadline You must ask for Overnight shipping. And still the terms from the shipping company still apply to lost packages. We will not refund the banner cost if UPS/other have a delay in your package. Order Early not Last Minute.

Delays because of Acts of God or anything  beyond our control, and refunds will not be allowed because of shipping delays.

Damaged goods must be returned, and then a new banner will be sent.

Lost packages will be replaced after shipping company confirms it, and most state 7-10 working days.

Images & Prints send for Scanning etc...
For Banners or Posters or just to convert to Digital Format.

Submitting any film, print, slide, negative or other material to STATS, Banners By STATS  for any type of handling constitutes an agreement by you, our client, that any damage or loss by our company or staff will entitle you to a replacement of a like amount of unexposed film, processing or other material.

Aside from the above replacement, the acceptance of the film, print, slide, negative or other material is without warranty or liability by us.
Recovery for any incidental or consequential damages is also excluded

Our products are not under warranty against any change in color or saturation over time.


STATS will guarantee that all of our banners will be free from defects in material and workmanship when they leave our factory door.
We cannot be held responsible for problems of any sort; these may include, but are not limited to, the following conditions:

Improper handling.
Improper installation.
Modifications to original banner not sanctioned by us.
Abrasion of printed surface due to faulty installation.
Damage caused by high wind conditions.
Damage caused by environmental & climatic factors.
Damage caused by solvent based/abrasive cleaning agents.
"Acts of God".

Further, STATS  cannot be held liable for any loss, however determined, caused by the conditions listed above.

Generally speaking the recommended method of fastening should be a solid attachment to a fixed frame, wall, fence or suspended
cable, EXTRA REINFORCED NEEDED, ASK FOR IT. The least appropriate method is a rope tie-off fastened to trees, posts, pillars or upright
fixtures not specifically designed for such use.

The customer is responsible for determining the best method of fastening, and obtaining any permits or approvals required, for the installation of the banners. STATS  will make every effort to assist in determining the most appropriate banner design for the project at hand. However, be advised that we may not be able to make a banner that will be suitable for all installations or applications.

Therefore the responsibility for determining the suitability of any such design remains with the customer.

For more information Contact Us, we can offer things we have used or told that work.

Installation/Warranty of banners is one of the fundamental concerns that you need to consider to make sure that you get the most out of your banners. If you want to have a long-lasting banner, then you have to give attention to detail on the manner by which it was installed.

Here are some of the basic tips you have to keep in mind in installing a vinyl banner:
1. Carefully consider the location where you will install your banners. Also think about how you will hang the banner in the location you’ve chosen.

2. Find an area that is very visible to your target audience. It would be much better if the location you’ve chosen to put your banner provides you with a way to easily attach the banner to its surface.

3. Make sure that there are places where you can make a hole to tie up the banner or a place where you can put the rope for easy hanging.

4. If you will hang the vinyl banner between two structures, see to it that it is affixed firmly to something that can control a minor wind load on the banner. Ie Wood or poles do not leave unsecured. If any wind over 5 mph hang against a building for best results. The larger the banner the more wind it will collect like a sail, and put thousands of PSI on the grommets, which will give way.

5. If the banner is quite long, over 8 ft, you should hang the banner using a cable that is installed between two structures.

6. You can also consider putting wind slits in the banner.

7. As much as possible, you should install the banner against a solid object so as to maintain a longer life. The best location is at the side of a building.

8.  If possible wind should not come direct to the face of the banner.

9. To ensure utmost protection, it would be better if you would take the vinyl banner down whenever the wind is blowing, or a Weather Front is moving through, that is when the most wind is to accure.

10. For wall mounting, you can apply woodscrews by means of washers and grommets. When it comes to temporary installation, you can use hook and loop Velcro fastener for easy installation. S-hooks can also be used for easy hanging. Other options include the use of pole pockets and PVC rods.

11. Watch the banner during any wind, remove if you see it becoming a Sail and straining the ties. Do not allow the wind to blow it away.

All things considered, proper banner installation is very important in the life of your banner. Vinyl banners particularly those hanging outdoors are exposed to great wind stress and other harmful elements. If your banner is not correctly installed, the banner will definitely suffer from a lot of problems, which can ruin the overall success of your banner advertising. We can not warranty against the Natural Elements, Snow, wind, hail, harsh sun, Normal Weather in Your area like Hurricanes etc. Our product is free from defects when shipped, if any are found return for repair or replacement.

*Orders in by 9 am PST, we do our best to ship the same day when requested. Our normal shipping on a single banner is the next day in most cases. Large orders are quoted a ship date.

If you need the banner on a certain date you MUST e-mail us.

Call for complete details On all Shipping, subject to review on banner order.

Return Policy:

Only banners/hardware damaged in shipment (see above) and damage in workmanship can be returned to be repaired or replaced as STATS determines it is the fault of our staff or shipping.
No Refunds on banners or hardware, because it is custom printed.

NO Returns for banners designed with the online banner maker because you do not like it or a color you picked. You approved the proof when you continued to the checkout and gave your credit card to purchase. The design is controlled by YOU, we only print what you design.

These are custom banners You Created online and can not be resold like shoes.

Banners we created the art for here at STATS, are proofed by you prior to printing. Returns are not an option because they are custom.
If we made an error in workmanship we will repair and ship a new one. 01/09

Color is always a question, what is Lime green to everyone?
No refunds for colors not set in CMYK ink sets and we are not advised to Match a color.
Matching colors is an extra charge and no banner will match a printed piece on paper or printing press, desktop printer.

Prices and services are subject to change without notice. 01/09